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Precision Farming

The Precision Farming Connection
(sessions 3 - 4)

April 28th . 2022 . 14:00 UK Time (GMT)


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Session 3: 14:00 UK Time (BST)

  • Tata Consultancy Services

A Connected World of Livestock (Pdf.)

Dinesh Singh, Group Leader Digital Farming Initiative (Fisheries and Livestock)

  • ST Engineering iDirect

Precision Farming - Convergence of Space and Cloud (Pdf.)

Jean-Michel Rouylou, Head of Enterprise Market

  • Globalstar

Why Satellite Technology is Imperative to Agricultural Connectivity (Pdf.) 
         Martin Jefferson, Commercial IoT Data Services Manager        (MP4)    

  • Inmarsat

Connecting the Farm of the Future; what Progress has been Made to date and what does the Future Hold? (Pdf.)

Steven Tompkins, Director of Market Development

  • Cargill

Conversation - Enabling Digital Farming (MP4)
       Shyam S. Yadav, Global Lead - Operations & Supply Chain, Digitalization, Technology, Solutions Integration and Delivery


Session 4: 15:30 UK Time (BST)

  • SNV

Precision Farming (Pdf.)
        Wisdom Tahn Konwuruk, Agricultural Advisor

  • Connected Farms

Farm Connectivity - Why It's Needed and What's Out There (MP4)
        Tom Andrews, Founder and CEO

  • Commonwealth Office

Conversation - Smallholder Agriculture in Developing Countries (MP4)
        Benjamin Kwasi Addom, Adviser Agriculture & Fisheries Trade Policy, Commonwealth Connectivity Agenda

  • Ace Acceleratech

Conversation - Precision Farming Brazil (MP4)
       Luis Moreira, Venturer


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