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Satellite and the Cloud
(sessions 3 - 4)
Cloud Deployments in Space

January 25th . 2022 . 14:00 UK Time (GMT)

Tier 1 Partners

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SESSION 1 - 14:00 UK Time (GMT)

ST Engineering iDirect

Jean-Michel Rouylou, Head of Enterprise market

This presentation will offer insights into how combining satellite and terrestrial network architecture will improve application performance and user experience and how cloud is enabling next-generation software-defined satellite architectures.

Alvaro Sanchez, CEO

Nowadays, the virtualization of networks within the satellite industry is key to sustained growth. The current situation and market trends are demanding that software companies cloud business models make seamless use and enable full integration.

Dennis Gatens, CEO


Cloud services, particularly edge computing, on Earth have transformed commercial, government and military organizations operations and strategies; and have impacted many aspects of our personal lives.  The commercialization and exploration of space will require cloud services to follow humans and machines into LEO, to the moon and beyond.  This presentation will explore how cloud services will be extended to space, the addressable market segments and how users will benefit from space-based cloud services.

SESSION 2 - 15:30 UK Time (GMT)

Satellite Industry Association
Tom Stroup, President

  • Commercial Remote Sensing Systems: Driving the Market for Cloud Services (MP4) (Pdf.)

SIA will present data from its annual State of the Satellite Industry Report on the growth of remote sensing services. A major driver in the growth of cloud services for the satellite industry is the volume of data gathered by remote sensing satellites. This presentation will cover the companies that have launched satellite systems and the services they provide, as well as data on the number and characteristics of remote sensing satellites launched by year.

Obi Onugha, Cloud Advisory Manager

The Cloud's value proposition has never been stronger for Space. Next generation satellite constellations promise to unlock new capabilities and service providers have the chance to deliver a wide range of new services to existing and entirely new sets of customers through cloud technologies. This presentation explores how satellite companies can leverage the cloud to drive costs savings, accelerate innovation and unlock future value.

Richard Cooper, Director Consulting SME Space Control and Information Solutions

Exploiting the use of cloud solutions in satellite ground systems has many potential benefits but also challenges. This session will discuss both and cover relevant cloud solutions which are in use today and paint a picture of the future.

Cloud Constellation Corp.
Cliff Beek, President and CEO

Cloud Constellation aims to host an in-orbit data platform for securely managing and distributing highly sensitive information.  Our mission is to avoid the vulnerabilities of terrestrial infrastructure by establishing physical separation that instructs space assets for a secure “store and forward” communications platform.

Route206 b.v.
Ronald van der Bregen, CEO

Not all LEO constellations are created equally – let’s dig in into the main attributes of current and future systems and analyze how relevant they will be in the development of data networks and cloud systems.

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