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Space + Terrestrial - the 5G Journey
The Internet in Space (sessions 5 - 6)

June 8th . 14:00 UK Time (British Summer Time - BST)


Corporate Partners


Final Programme (01-06-2021)

Produced by: Paul Stahl, Executive Producer, c21-virtual

Moderated by: Lluc Palerm, Senior Analyst, Northern Sky Research (NSR)


Session 1: 14:00 - 15:30 (UK Time - British Summer Time - BST)

  • Backdrop: 5G: Touching Every Corner of Satcom (Open)

Lluc Palerm, Senior Analyst, Northern Sky Research (NSR)

  • 5G is Here But is it for Satellite? Time to Manage Expectations (Open)


Richard Swardh, SVP Premium Enterprise & Mobile Operators, Comtech EF Data

  • Telco Perspective:

Towards Ubiquitous Connectivity through Convergence and Service Management (Open)


Mauro Mortali, Senior Manager Strategy and Innovation, BT Plc.

  • Unification Revolution (Open)


Craig O'Leary, Senior Solutions Manager, Speedcast

  • Maritime Showcase:

Accelerating Digitalisation and Automation in the Marine and Offshore Industry... 5G at Sea (Open)

Ravikumar Jeevarathinam, Digital Business Growth & Transformation Leader SaaS / DSaaS / MLaaS / IoT / Connectivity / 5G,

Lloyds Register

Session 2: 15:30 - 17:00 (UK Time - British Summer Time - BST)

  • 5G and Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN) – Status, Opportunities and Challenges (Open)


Daniel Itzigsohn, Senior Project Manager 5G, Gilat Satellite Networks

  • Space + Terrestrial: New Ground for 5G Convergence (Open)


Semir Hassanaly, Head of Cellular Backhaul & Trunking, ST Engineering

  • Oil and Gas Showcase:

5G - The new Enabler for Digitalization in the Oil and Gas Industry (Open)


Muhammad Soliman, Digitalization Lead - 4.0 / IIoT / A.I., Shell

  • Space + Terrestrial: Multi-Transport Solutions (Open)


Dario Mulassano, Senior Director, Hughes Europe

  • Free Space Optics (FSO) and the 5G Journey (Open)


Richard Johanson, CEO, Archangel Lightworks Ltd

Tier 1 Partners

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