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Farmer controls drone with futuristic smartphone. Smart farming and precision agriculture.

The Precision Farming Connection


Networking 21st Century Digital Farming Operations

June 15th .  2023 . 14:00 UK Time (UK Time)

With the world's population currently at 8 Billion and set to hit 10 billion by the middle of the century, increased efficiencies in food production driven by increasing risk of famine due to climate change and resulting crop failure, is a major human imperative.  IoT networks, enhanced by AI capabilities, drone deployments, advancements in agricultural machinery and other innovations will monitor crops and livestock to inform important harvesting and animal welfare decisions, as we advance towards the ultimate goal of worldwide food security.  Underpinning this is the necessity of robust, reliable and real-time connectivity... and given the remote nature of almost all farming operations the critical requirement of hyperconverged terrestrial + non-terrestrial hybrid networks.


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