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The 5G Journey... and the 6G Destination
Hyperconverged TMT Networks: Space + Terrestrial

April 18th . 2024 . 14:00 UK Time


5G is the fifth-generation wireless cellular technology standard, and quite unlike previous generations, unlocks the potential of groundbreaking technologies that are set to transform human life in all of its aspects including AI, IoT, virtualisation and augmented reality.  The 5G / 6G journey will generate revenues measured in the trillions and data volumes measured in hundreds of zettabytes.  This programme will provide a snapshot of these enabling technologies and their various use-cases, and how both Space and Earth based wireless communications technologies will hyperconverge to provide ubiquitous connectivity in a new age of service delivery, promising availability anytime, anywhere... and to anyone.  






Programme (15/04/2024)

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14:00:  c21-virtual


Opening Remarks


Paul Stahl - Executive



14:05  NSR (an Analysis Mason company)

Satellite-Telco Integration Opportunities and State of the Market


Jiachen Zhang - Senior Analyst

Synopsis: As the industry embarks on the journey towards 5G development and prepares for future 6G technology, satellite-telco integration emerges as a strategic necessity to enable ubiquitous connectivity and support emerging new use cases.  Building synergistic partnerships across the ecosystem will be critical in seizing the immense opportunity for both telcos and satellite players.  This presentation will explore satellite-telco integration opportunities, key drivers for 5G satellite services, challenges, and recommendations.

Bio: Jiachen Zhang started working with NSR in 2023. After becoming a part of the team, she has directed her attention towards Satellite Communications, providing assistance to various research and reports, including Capacity Supply, M2M / IoT and Direct-to-Device. Prior to joining NSR, Ms. Zhang served as a proficient graduate data analyst, contributing to transforming raw data, creating analytical data scripts and reporting findings to stakeholders at an accountancy and business advisory firm.



14:25  Intelsat

Intelsat’s NextGen Network: Hyperconverged NTN for Global Broadband Connectivity



Hadeel Fayad - Global Head of Cellular Backhaul Products and Solutions

Synopsis: Intelsat is pursuing a vision that all satellite and terrestrial technologies, networks solutions, and services are unified as one global ecosystem. Learn how we’re building on our strong satellite network foundation, expertise and customer relationships to drive new standards and encourage collaboration across the industry to develop and build the Next-Generation Space and Terrestrial Network.

Bio: Hadeel Fayad is the Global Head of Cellular Backhaul products and solutions that further Intelsat’s mission of connecting the unconnected. Ms. Fayad’s team has spearheaded programs to rapidly and cost effectively deliver wireless network connectivity to the most rural areas within Europe, Africa and Asia-Pac. With over 20 years’ experience in the wireless industry, Ms Fayad is recognized for her ability to deliver complex cross functional programs and develop innovative award-winning products.



14:45  Nokia

Ubiquitous 6G Service through Non-Terrestrial Networks


Jaroen Wigard - Head of Sales and Partnerships

Synopsis: NTN has been included from 3GPP Rel-17 with enhancements in Rel-18 and Rel-19. It is targeted to be included in 6G from Day 1. In this presentation we try to outline how we see NTN in the first Release of 6G.

Bio: Jeroen Wigard is currently Principal Research Lead in Nokia. He received the M.Sc. degree electrical engineering from Technische Universiteit Delft, Netherlands, in 1995 and the Ph.D. degree from Aalborg University, Denmark, in 1999. He joined Nokia Aalborg, Denmark, where he worked on radio resource management related topics for 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G. He is currently with the Nokia Standards, Aalborg and involved in standardization work for NTN among others . He has authored and co-authored over 100 journal and conference papers and is inventors of more than 100 patents applications.



15:05  SES

Space-Enabled Private 5G Igniting Digital Transformation



Varun Bedi - Senior Manager Product Management — 5G & Cloud

Synopsis: This presentation delves into the transformative potential of space-enabled 5G in igniting digital transformation across various sectors. By combining space-based infrastructure (including satellites and ground stations) with 5G technology, seamless connectivity becomes possible even in remote or underserved areas. You will learn through use cases, how space-enabled 5G networks empower industries, communities, and global collaboration that transcends terrestrial limitations.

Bio: Varun is currently product Head for Cloud and 5G for the Enterprise, Defense, Govt, Public safety, Energy and Maritime sectors, using predictive analytics and Machine Learning (ML) to generate future insights and provide key business recommendations to drive business value and build a foundation for network virtualization and 5G applications.  He has extensive experience in the MNO/Telco sector having spent time with AT&T, as Principal for MTS Wireless Products, with T-Mobile as Senior Wholesale Manager, where he led the first ever launch of UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access) network technology through T-Mobile in US. 



15:25  Gilat

Key Strategies for a Seamless Transition to 5G NTN



Yaron Nachman - 5G Product Line Manager

Synopsis: The satellite communications industry is going through a revolutionary transformation with the significant evolution toward 5G Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN). This phenomenon holds the promise of delivering standard ubiquitous connectivity across both terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks. It sets the stage for a dynamic multi-vendor open ecosystem, introduces novel revenue streams, and effectively reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for satellite operators worldwide. This presentation discusses key strategies for seamless and secured transition to 5G NTN for satellite operators.

Bio: Yaron is 5G Product Line Manager at Gilat Satellite Networks, with 25+ years of technical and business experience in Fixed, Mobile and Satellite Communication industries, mostly with Siemens, Nokia, Amdocs and Gilat, in various Product Management and System Architecture positions. At Gilat Satellite Networks, which designs deep technology solutions for satellite, ground, and new space connectivity, providing comprehensive end-to-end solutions and services, and aimed at delivering communication solutions to every corner of the world, Yaron is leading the product strategic evolution towards 5G NTN.



15:45  Ericsson


Karthikeyan Shanmuganandam - Head of Enterprise (5G, Industry 4.0, IOT, Digital Transformation)

The Journey Toward Future Networks is Built on the Strengths of 5G


Synopsis: The journey toward future networks should naturally build on the strengths of 5G, which continue to evolve in 5G Advanced, and should be taken in collaboration with the academic community and other industry partners aiming at a globally aligned way forward, building between regional initiatives.

Bio: Karthik is a seasoned ICT professional with over two decades of broad experience in Consultative Sales, Business Development, Go-To-Market Strategy and Partnering. Over the course of his career, he built a strong momentum for Software as a Service, Middleware and Security Platforms and led several strategic initiatives targeted towards digitalization and sustainability based on AIoT and 5G.  In his current role as the Head of Enterprise Business for Ericsson in Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Karthik spearheads regional enterprise business initiatives and maintains constant dialogue with industry executives across the region to create market preference for Ericsson’s enterprise portfolio.



16.05  AT&T


Hector Salas Ledesma - IoT Marketing Go to Market OPS Manager

The Meaning of 5G and Mobile Service for Real Life Users

Bio: Hector is a seasoned professional and a specialist in strategy and marketing in the telecom and new technologies industry, focused on development IoT and mobile services products in the Americas and Caribbean.  Based in Mexico City, he has been with AT&T for close to six years having previously held similar positions in AMDOCS, Latino Mobile and others.

Synopsis: The user perception about the new net technology VS real services and usage availability, 5G for real life.  A rationalisation of the meaning of 5G for the user.


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