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Satellite and the Cloud
New Age Business Modelling to Leverage the Cloud
February 16th .  2023 . 14:00 UK Time

A discussion centred on the uptake of cloud-based terrestrial and non-terrestrial and hybrid networks services and the migration from data centres and company servers to the cloud, driven by lower CapEx, increased security and network agility.  This programme will also feature the hyper-convergence of connectivity technologies with the wider TMT landscape - and enabling technologies such as AI, Edge Computing, 5G/6G, IoT and multi earth orbit communications satellites.

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  • c21-virtual

Opening Remarks


Paul Stahl, Executive

Session 1: 14.00 GMT

  • Gilat Satellite Networks

Insights of Ground Segment Migration to the Cloud


Dubi Lever, CTO

  • Microsoft Azure

Digital Transformation with the Space Industry


Denis Sutherland, UK Space Lead

  • SES Satellites

Exploring the Intersection of Cloud Adoption and Innovation


Kevin Gonzalez, Senior Engineer Cloud & Innovation

  • Iridium


Iridium Messaging TransportSM: Where IoT in Space meets Cloud


Jaco Botes, Director Product Management


Session 2: 15.30 GMT



  • Satellite Industry Association

How Growth in the Satellite Industry is Driving Demand for Cloud Services


Tom Stroup, President

  • Google Cloud Platform

Unlocking the Value of Google Earth for Enterprises


Pilar Santamaria, Head of EMEA Industry Solutions

  • FOSSA Systems

Global Space-Enabled IoT for Industrial Applications


Julian Fernandez, CEO

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Why Space Matters? The Future of Hyperconverged Networking


Buffy Wajvoda, Head of Aerospace & Satellite Solutions Architecture


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