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Offshore oil rig worker calibrating coriolis digital flow meter by using hand held communi

The 21st Century


Connected Digital Oilfield

June 20th .  2024. 14:00 UK Time

The Connected Oilfield was launched as a live event in 2004 and held in various locations including Aberdeen, Abu Dhabi, Abuja, Cairo, Kuala Lumpur and Rio de Janeiro, more than 50 events in total.  The virtual configuration attracts hundreds of connectivity specialists from all of the world's E&P operations centres.  We are interested to hear about how New-Wave technologies such as the Edge, AI, IoT, Machine Learning and Software Defined Networks, are revolutionising efficiencies in the offshore E&P environment and how advancements in Terrestrial + Non-Terrestrial Connectivity and Private 4G, 5G and LTE Networks, are combining to deliver enhanced and robust connectivity and cope with unprecedented data volumes. 




  • 14:00     c21-virtual


Paul Stahl - Executive Director

Opening Remarks

  • 14:05     SES

Ambarish Gourisethi - Senior Product Manager Enterprise & Mobility

How is Low Latency and High Throughput Satellite Technology Helping in the Digital Transformation of Oil and Gas Onshore/Offshore Fields?

Synopsis: With the increasing availability of high-throughput, low-latency satellite technology globally, the landscape is changing rapidly. The adoption of hybrid networks across the oil and gas industry has led to renewed efforts to deploy technologies that reduce emissions, enhance productivity, and minimize the operational personnel required on rigs. In this session, we will discuss several use cases illustrating how SES O3b mPOWER MEO technology is a crucial component of the hybrid network stack, helping the industry achieve these goals


  • 14:25     Ooredoo


Razib Islam - Senior Manager B2B Products

Presentation title: Telecom Operators Perspective in Oil & Gas Connectivity

Synopsis: Connectivity solutions in oil & gas onshore and offshore sites require combination of backhaul & access technologies such as satellite, private 5G, extended fixed wireless access etc. This talk will cover the connectivity solutions Telecom operators can potentially provide with the latest technology progress and expansion using LEO, MEO and GEO based satellite technologies along with private 5G based offerings.

  • 14: 45     IBM

Apurva Sharma - Senior Manager - Global Consulting & Digital Transformation Advisory - Chemicals & Petroleum

Your E&P Data Transformation Strategy Needs a Transformation

Synopsis: The current E&P Data Transformation Strategy is outdated and unable to keep pace with the rapid advancements in technology and data analytics. A comprehensive overhaul is required to enhance data integration, improve decision-making processes, and maintain competitive advantage in the evolving energy landscape.

  • 15:05     Vcinity Inc.

Stephen Wallo - Chief Technology Officer

Creating a Continuous Data Pipeline to and from Anywhere

Synopsis: A new era of connectivity has created a landscape rich in data, but also plagued by a disparate production footprint (from offshore to downstream stations), highly latent connections, and immense data volumes (such as seismic models). That data's ability to fuel sound analytic outputs or accurately guide decisions is contingent upon timely, efficient access to it. Join this session to explore new technology and strategic approaches to navigate the sprawling infrastructure of connected oilfields and ways to accelerate time to unlock true data value and competitive edge.

  • 15:25     Ericsson

Ammar Sabbagh - Vice President Industry and Partnerships - Energy and Ports

Private 5G Networks... Use Cases Discussion


  • 15:45     Project Arctic SPG2 (Tengizchevroil / Chevron / Technip... Novatech)

Mohamed Heshmat - Operations Critical Telecommunications Engineer

Practical On-Field Telecoms Solutions for Various Systems... Upgrades for the Past 5 Years and Expectations for the Next 5 Years


  • 16:05     c21-virtual

Paul Stahl - Executive


Closing Remarks

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