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The 5G Journey... and the 6G Destination

Hyperconverged TMT Networks

Space  + Terrestrial

November 2nd . 2023 . 14:00 UK Time

5G is the fifth generation wireless cellular technology standard, and quite unlike previous generations, that unlocks the potential of ground breaking technologies such as AI, Augmented Reality and IoT.  This programme will explore the 5G impact on major industry use cases such as manufacturing and smart factories, autonomous transport systems, maritime operations, in-flight connectivity, public safety, energy and utilities and much more besides, as we advance towards a 6G future, generating revenues measured in the trillions and data volumes measured in hundreds of zettabytes.  Again, both Space and Earth based wireless communications technologies will hyperconverge in a new age of service delivery.

  • ​14.00: c21-virtual

Paul Stahl



Opening Remarks (click here)

  • 14.05: ST Engineering iDirect

Digital Teleport – How the 5G Journey runs through Cloud and Virtualization (click here)

Synopsis: Transformations are never isolated events! In the space segment, the emergence of new satellites and constellations presents unprecedented scale and flexibility. Simultaneously, on the terrestrial side, 5G offers enhanced service flexibility, edge computing, and automation capabilities. In our presentation, we will explore how cloud and virtualization technologies within a digital teleport play a pivotal role in facilitating these transformative changes both in space and on the ground.

Bart Van Utterbeeck
Vice President Business Development 

  • 14.25: Capgemini Engineering

Realization of NTN based on O-RAN Architecture (click here)

Synopsis: As part of 3GPP Rel-17 and beyond there is also evolution being planned for Satellite networks (NTN) based on 5G network architecture. Ubiquitous networks based on TN, NTN (and HAPS) is also aligned as one of the visions for 6G based Network architecture. The session captures the System solution and architecture considerations in realization of NTN Networks aligned with O-RAN architecture.


RaviKanth Pasumarthy
Vice President

  • 15.05: AT&T

What is the Impact of 5G on Real Life? Does the customer understand 5G? (click here

Synopsis: This presentation will review the impact of this new Technology on real life and people behaviour in order to provide final use cases.

Hector Salas Ledesma
IoT Marketing Go to Market OPS Manager


  • 15.25: Gilat Satellite Networks

Non-Terrestrial Networks Journey to 5G (click here)

Synopsis: For decades Satellite networks provide communication services for use-cases that are beyond terrestrial networks capabilities. While terrestrial mobile networks are multi-vendor interoperable 3GPP-based solutions, non-terrestrial satellite networks are vendor-dependent DVB-optimized solutions. Market forces are pushing for standard integration and unification of terrestrial and non-terrestrial networks to provide ubiquitous mobile communication and gain the full advantages of 5G. This presentation discusses the journey of Non-Terrestrial Networks to 5G, covering use-cases, standardization efforts and market evolution.

Yaron Nachman
5G Product Line Manager

  • 15.45: European Space Agency (ESA)

Opportunities in Space for 5G/6G Non-Terrestrial Networks (click here)

Synopsis: An overall view of the application of 5G and 6G Non-Terrestrial Networks, from multi-orbit satellites, for emergent business cases. This presentation will summarise the overall helicopter view ascertained by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the key opportunities and technology challenges for European industry, and how ESA is supporting industry and academia to rise to these challenges. 

Fabrizio De Paolis
5G/6G Implementation Manager - Strategic Programme Line

Directorate of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications 

  • 16.05: Sateliot

Beyond 5G: NTN, 6G, and the Future of Connectivity (click here)

Synopsis: Exploration of the fusion of Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN) and 6G technology, unveiling a transformative era. The presentation delves into NTN's reach, from remote regions to global scale, and 6G's promises of unparalleled data speeds and transformative applications. Attendees will discover cross-industry impacts and the global collaborations harmonizing standards. The talk highlights LEO standard satellite constellations extending 5G beyond current possibilities, offering profound insights into the future of seamless, innovative connectivity.

Jaume Sanpera
Chief Executive Officer 

  • 16.25: Telefonica Tech

5G, AI and Edge Cloud as Industry Accelerators (click here)

Katia Paredes Palacios
Global Product Sr. Manager Industry 4.0

Synopsis: Currently, companies show a new generation of needs. To face these challenges, technologies such as 5G, AI and edge play a relevant role. We will review use cases in some sectors.

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