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Satellite and the Cloud
New Age Business Modelling to Leverage the Cloud
February  15th .  2024 . 14:00 UK Time

A discussion centred on the uptake of cloud-based terrestrial and non-terrestrial and hybrid networks services and the migration from data centres and company servers to the cloud, driven by lower CapEx, increased security and network agility.  This programme will also feature the hyper-convergence of connectivity technologies with the wider TMT landscape - and enabling technologies such as AI, Edge Computing, 5G/6G, IoT and multi earth orbit communications satellites.




14:00          c21-virtual

Opening Remarks


Paul Stahl... Executive

14:05          NSR (an Analysis Mason company)


Backdrop:  Space Cloud Computing Growth Opportunities: Market Perspective


Prachi Kawade... Senior Analyst

Synopsis: Cloud computing, a pivotal force in the evolving satellite communication industry, drives innovation and performance enhancements through software-defined networks, ground segment virtualization, and digital transformations. The surge in data and computing needs for earth observation applications further fuels this growth. This discussion explores the key sectors driving cloud service demand, the implications of cloud adoption, underpinned by a forecasted $38.6 billion opportunity from cloud data traffic in the next decade.

Bio:  Prachi began consulting for NSR in 2021. Her area of expertise is earth observation, cloud computing, optical satcom and lunar. Prachi also covers key growth opportunities across emerging markets such as data relay, space data downlink and non-imagery. She has undertaken consulting assignments doing country level analysis, competitive analysis and benchmarking, vendor due diligence, survey-based analysis. She is the lead author for NSR’s Satellite based earth observation report, space cloud computing report, lunar market report and optical satellite communications report.

​14:25          Intelsat


Gain the Global Edge on Digital Transformation Projects (Slides)


Albie Bester...Market Development Manager Networks

Synopsis:  Intelsat and Microsoft are enabling enterprises to transcend the challenges of remote and austere connectivity environments, bringing every location within reach to drive digital transformation goals.  With the ability to deliver private LTE and 5G to locations around the world, we’re demonstrating a first-of-its-kind private cellular network combining Azure private multi-access edge compute (MEC) and FlexEnterprise, Intelsat’s satellite-based global connectivity service.

Bio:   Albie is the Market Development Manager for Intelsat Networks' business unit, having joined the company in November 2016. With over 30 years of experience in the ICT market, he has held various technical and business strategy roles, including positions at Microsoft, PwC, and create new applications and markets that do not exist today and thereby become the partner of choice across the broader communications industry.

14:45         Gilat Satellite Networks


Cloud Satellite Integration: a New Paradigm for Connectivity (Slides)


Gil Elizov...Head of Products

Synopsis:  The new era of satellite communication brings several challenges and opportunities for the service providers and satellite operators, Cloud technology is one of the keys to enable services in this era and to open the doors to additional technologies for new services and expending horizons of satellite communication networks.

Bio:  Gil is currently VP products, with 20+ years of experience in the satellite communications industry, mostly with Gilat Satellite Networks which designs deep tech solutions for satellite, ground and now new space connectivity, providing comprehensive end-to-end solutions and services, aimed at delivering communication solutions to every corner of the world. Among Gilat’s key applications are broadband access, mobility, cellular backhaul, military, government, and enterprise.

15:05       Microsoft  


Microsoft's vision on Generative AI... Use cases in Telco's, Media and Agriculture.  IOT and Generative AI - the Art of Possible / Responsible AI


Sonika Kapil ...AI & App Chief Architect

Bio:  Sonika is the AI & App Chief Architect at Microsoft, having over 19 years of experience in the IT sector, including pivotal roles at Microsoft and SAP.  In her current role, she passionately collaborates with leading companies to co-create intelligent applications powered by AI.  Holding an MBA from London Business School and grounded in her expertise as a Computer Engineer, she blends strategic insight with technical prowess to drive innovation.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Sonika dedicates herself to mentoring, supporting Fintech scale-ups, and contributing as an active member of Europe's largest AI think tank.

15:25         Oracle Cloud


Hyperscale for the Satellite Industry: Leveraging OCI to Develop, Deliver and Sustain Satellite Eco-Systems


M. Ahsan Khan...Director

Synopsis: Presenting Oracle Cloud facilitates multi-architecture hyperscale cloud deployments, offering flexibility and agility in both commercial and defense satellite/space domains. From application development to autonomous enterprise data management, and the hosting of entire satcom OSS/BSS stacks, OCI stands as the platform for the evolving needs of the space and satellite communications industry, encompassing both new and legacy systems.

Bio:  M. Ahsan Khan is a seasoned Director at Oracle, specialising in delivering OCI hyperscale value to the aerospace, defence, and manufacturing sectors. His extensive background with Harris, Inmarsat, and PA-Consulting provides him with a distinctive industry perspective, having excelled in architecture, design engineering, management consulting, and sales roles throughout his career.

15:45        SpaceChain  


Opening New Avenues for Secure Data - Satellite infrastructure and Blockchain


Cliff Beek...CEO and Founder

Synopsis: The intersection of space and blockchain technology holds potential for applications such as data management, secure communication, and safeguarding the sovereignty of identity and security of financial transactions. This increased transparency can help to build trust and protect the concept of data sovereignty, reducing the risk of fraud and mismanagement of financial information. Moreover, space infrastructure can provide a secure global platform when terrestrial infrastructure is unavailable due to catastrophic events impacted by either geopolitical events or disruption from natural disasters. 

Bio:  Cliff is an accomplished executive with expertise in managing equity backed companies, particularly within aerospace, cyber-security, defence intelligence, and cloud infrastructure. SpaceChain aims to democratize access to space by removing entry barriers and creating opportunities for enterprises and users to participate in and benefit from the new space economy. The company currently operates a network of space nodes on satellites and aboard the International Space Station (ISS), empowering stakeholders to leverage the limitless possibilities of space while driving progress and prosperity for humankind for generations to come. 

16:05         LEOcloud


Extending Cloud Services Into Space Will Enable The Data-Driven Space Economy


Dennis Gatens...CEO

Synopsis:  The space economy can only realize its tremendous potential by extending terrestrial cloud technology and services into space as part of its evolving critical infrastructure. This session will review the demand and use cases for cloud in space, with a particular emphasis on the need for Artificial Intelligence. Operating "Inside The Terrestrial Loop" will address the latency, security and cost requirements of the space-based end user.

Bio:  Dennis is a thought leader for Space-based cloud services, and believes the emerging Space economy will require terrestrial communications and cloud infrastructure to be extended into Space. He founded LEOcloud to bring to market the first Space-hardened, scalable, multi-cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering.  LEOcloud Space Edge IaaS will enable the lowest latency and highest security for AI and analytics applications hosted in LEO, the lunar region and beyond. He has over 35 years of experience in terrestrial, aerospace and Space-based technology, solutions and managed services. He has a track record of bringing emerging technologies to market working with global partners and service providers to introduce next generation solutions into their communications and cloud service offerings. Dennis earned his BS in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech, and his MBA from Radford University

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