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The NewSpace Roundtable
New Age Space-Based Connectivity and Use-Cases
February 23rd .  2023 . 14:00 UK Time

This programme is focused on communications and connectivity aspects of the NewSpace economy... small satellite constellations, new age ground stations, earth observation and a multitude of practical use cases including crop and livestock monitoring, maritime and in-flight applications, upstream E&P operations, criminal surveillance (people smuggling, wildlife poaching, illegal de-forestation), military reconnaissance, satellite navigation and asset monitoring.  


  • Space Intel Report


Peter de Selding, Editor in Chief 

Panel Discussion

On-Orbit Servicing as Competitive Advantage in the GEO Market," join industry experts sharing their insights on how on-orbit servicing can change the economics of the GEO market and provide strategies for operators to stay competitive. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the industry and the tools required to be successful in current and future market conditions.


  • Astroscale


Ryan Reel, Director of Global Satellite Life Extension and On-orbit Services


  • Beasley Insurance


Denis Bensoussan, Head of Space London, UK


  • Inmarsat


Mark Dickinson, Deputy CEO and VP Space Segment

  • Saturn Satellite Networks


Hale Reynolds, Vice President of Technology


Featured Presentations

  • Mynaric


Tim Deaver, Vice President Strategic Solutions


  • Media Broadcast Satellite (MBS)


Marcus Daiberl, Head of NewSpace


  • 3i3 Signature LLC


Philippe Boissat, CEO (Spirit of NewSpace)

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