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The 5G Journey... and the 6G Destination
Hyperconverged Hybrid Networks: Space . Stratosphere . Terrestrial
April 20th . 2023 . 14:00 UK Time


5G is the fifth generation wireless cellular technology standard, and quite unlike previous generations, that unlocks the potential of ground breaking technologies such as AI, Augmented Reality and IoT.  This programme will explore the 5G impact on major industry use cases such as manufacturing and smart factories, autonomous transport systems, maritime operations, in-flight connectivity, public safety, energy and utilities and much more besides, as we advance towards a 6G future, generating revenues measured in the trillions and data volumes measured in hundreds of zettabytes.  Again, both Space and Earth based wireless communications technologies will hyperconverge in a new age of service delivery.





To watch the recording on demand click (here)

14.00: Opening Remarks

  • c21-virtual

    Paul Stahl, Executive

14.05: Mobility Showcase 1: Digital Broadband from Space - Road and Rail

  • Past: Network Rail

    Robert GardnerSenior Innovation Engineer


The session will start off with Dr. Robert Gardner, Associate Director, Scottish Futures Trust, and former Senior Innovation Engineer (Telecoms) at Network Rail, who will describe the seemingly compelling case for digital connectivity from LEOsats for vehicles-on-the-move and how this developing broadband connectivity method has led to a number of initiatives in road, rail and on the ferries and in other sectors.

Robert will be leading a discussion on terrestrial/satellite convergence in the Advanced Wireless space, covering 5G, 6G, D2D and LEOsat broadband.  Introducing Future Rail Mobile Communications Systems (FRMCS) and comparing it to 6G.  Cueing up what Network Rail & LNER are doing with Starlink via Tactical Wireless and pointing out other non-mobile use cases (telephony and sensor IoT.)

  • ScotRail

    Alan Manclark, Head of IT


Alan Manclark, Head of IT, ScotRail will then describe ScotRail’s previous experience in gigabit-to-train initiatives using terrestrial wireless means and how satellite broadband could potentially provide an affordable route towards fulfilling their connectivity aspirations for the multitude of modern-day onboard use-cases.

  • Tactical Wireless

    Pete Morton, CEO


Pete Morton, Managing Director, Tactical Wireless Ltd., will begin by describing his work in the delivery of reliable connectivity-on-the-move via cellular systems. He will then present the results of recent testing of a high-performance Starlink terminal on public roads in the UK, being the prelude to a forthcoming pilot installation atop an LNER high-speed train aimed initially at improving the passenger WiFi experience.

15.00: Featured Showcase Presentations

  • Ericsson Global Services

5G Private Networks

    Vineet Tiwari, Vice President and KAM - Cloud Software Services and Enterprise Business


15.45: Mobility Showcase 2: Digital Broadband from Space - Maritime Operations

  • CloudNet

    Greg Whitton, Managing Director



CloudNet are a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) providing a range of services to the customer, specialising in the provision of broadband networks and services into difficult and hard to reach areas, where traditional broadband services fail to deliver.  In addtiton, it is at the forefront of internet access delivery onto Ferries using its TV White Space (TVWS) solution, for which it is currently the only licenced provider.

  • Navarino

Combining New and Existing Technologies to Create the Hybrid Vessel of the Future

    Konstantinos Dimitriadis, Account Director


Navarino is a maritime technology company and the world's largest Inmarsat Fleet Xpress VAR, with an additional portfolio of Ku Band solutions due to partnerships with Intelsat and SES Networks, Cobham, Dell, GTMaritime, Intellian, Iridium, and JRC.  With a client base of more than 500 shipping companies worldwide, the company has offices in Greece, Norway, Germany, Cyprus, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Singapore, delivering a diverse portfolio including satellite connectivity, maritime GSM technology solutions and IT-as-a-service via its Quazar platform.

  • Silversea Cruises

12 Minute Conversation

   Bernard Andrade, Head of Information Technology


Silversea, part of the Royal Caribbean Group, is a leading, ultra-luxury, cruise operator known as the "World's Best"​ with more than 500 shoreside employees in their Miami, London, Frankfurt, Monte Carlo, Cape Cod, Sydney and Singapore offices working together with a staff of about 2,500 aboard Silversea's fleet of height ships (split into 5 Classic vessels and 4 Expedition vessels).  Silversea has recently welcomed four ships to its fleet since June 2020 – Silver Origin, Silver Moon, Silver Dawn and Silver Endeavour – bringing the fleet’s tally to 11.  Their portfolio includes some of the world’s most remote destinations, including both Polar Regions.

16.30: Close



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