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The NewSpace Renaissance
The Space-Tech Powerhouse in Action
February .  2025 . 14:00 UK Time

This programme will offer a multi viewpoint analysis of the communications and connectivity aspects of the NewSpace economy.  Multi earth orbit satellite play plus new age ground stations and other enhancing capabilities, enabling a multitude of practical use cases and applications, comprise the central theme of this programme.  Reshaping technologies, for instance AI, Hyperconverged TMT Networks, Blockchain, and the Industrial Metaverse, which until recently were considered fantastical but which are now ubiquitous and effective in ways that are quite meaningful,  are also key focal points of concern to this programme. 





Paul Stahl... Executive Director


Kevin Shortt... Research Project Leader Optical Communications

Synopsis:  The NewSpace mantra has breathed new life into the concept of large satellite constellations in space by embracing commercial business practices and realizing innovations that have driven down the costs of access to space. This presentation will highlight some of the more recent advancements that have enabled the deployment of today's burgeoning satellite networks as well as introduce concepts that will further propel these networks beyond the bounds of Earth orbit.


Bio:  Kevin is a Research Project Leader in Airbus's Central Research and Technology function and he focuses on the advancement of free-space optical communication technologies and their use in large-scale aerospace networks. Over the course of his career, Kevin has had the opportunity to work in both the government and commercial space sectors in research and development as well as satellite operations.


Chris Gray... Product Manager Edge Solutions

Synopsis:  Efficient, reliable solutions enable sensing of anything, anywhere. Explore how direct-to-satellite communications targeted at small IoT devices can enhance critical infrastructure and resource monitoring.  Serving the 85% of the globe without proper communication infrastructure, discover how space-based networks deliver scalable, affordable IoT data services and energy-efficient hardware, essential for sectors like agriculture, logistics, water management, and environmental conservation.

Bio:  Chris has over 20 years experience in the Satellite industry working for satellite owners/operators, device manufacturers, chipset/module providers and as a reseller.  Myriota was founded in 2015 to revolutionise IoT through simple, secure and affordable access to data using advanced, direct-to-satellite technology.  Myriota IP covers all aspects of the end-to-end solution; edge, satellite and cloud.  Myriota works through an ecosystem of partners including Solution Providers and OEMs to unlock previously impossible or impractical use cases to deliver tangibly better outcomes across water, agriculture, defence, logistics, environmental monitoring and more.


Tim Deaver... Vice President Strategic Solutions

Synopsis:  Multi-Orbit Connectivity, High Data Speeds and even Deep Space Exploration: What is the role of laser communications in supporting the growing space economy? From linking  satellites within constellations and across orbits, data relay networks and meeting the demands of higher throughput and delivering complex information, laser communications is the critical technology for these initiatives.  This session will discuss the advantages and laser communications in current and future space applications.

Bio:  Tim Deaver serves as the VP of Global Sales and Solutions for Mynaric and manages the Washington D.C. area office.  Tim is responsible for creating and marketing customer solutions for Mynaric’s industry leading Laser Communication Terminals. Tim leads a team focused on Customer Success, from requirements capture, to solutions development, and customer delivery. He works closely with the Mynaric Sales and Engineering teams across critical Government and Commercial markets.   Tim is an industry veteran with 22 years in the U.S. Air Force and 15 years in senior positions in Commercial Space companies including SES, Airbus and now Mynaric.

Capella Space

Mack Koepke... Vice President of Global Sales

Synopsis:  How commercial companies are leveraging rapid advancement in technology and automation to bring formerly difficult space concepts to life- and how this changes our paradigm to access information about our changing earth.

Bio:  Mack's responsibilities at Capella Space includes the launch of commercial products, establishing and expanding global sales team based in APAC, EUR, LATAM, MEASA, NAM and USG, Leveraging existing relationships to drive market credibility and product offering to fulfill previously unmet customer requirements and to establish an extensive global network of partners (Channel/Reseller, Solution Partners and OEMs) as a key driver of Capella’s go-to-market strategy. Capella Space specialises in earth observation and is the first U.S. company with a constellation of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellites.

Laser Light Communications 

Tom Koster... SVP Global Partnerships - Global Carrier Connectivity

Synopsis:  A discussion on a global elastic digital platform on a converged global optical network  for enhanced Automation, Agility and Security.

Bio:  Tom has served as SVP for Global Partnerships with Laser Light Communications for seven years, providing an All-Optical Hybrid Global Communications Network - HALO™ for a globally dispersed customer base, overseeing business execution and strategy.  Laser Light Communications is using a hybrid approach, converging terrestrial, sub-sea, and space domains into a global networking platform which delivers a first-of-a-kind 21st century data service that will transform the way high volume data communications traffic is carried and distributed to connect companies, countries, and continents at high speed, flexibly, securely and economically.  

Phantom Space

Jim Cantrell... CEO

Synopsis:  This presentation traces the origins of a second Space Race that began at the end of the original 1960's US-Soviet space race and eventually led to SpaceX and the explosive growth in commercial space being seen today. The story covers how this revolution began with a band of misfit engineers and scientists and the inside story of how this was eventually ignited with the money and vision of billionaires such as Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson. With the current space economy approaching one trillion dollars per year, this amazing story shows how serendipity, historical change, discontented individuals, entrepreneurial vision and immense wealth combined to change the world as we know it.

Bio:  Phantom Space offers launch services, spacecraft design and construction, and constellation launch and deployment.  Jim has over 30 years of experience in the space industry, working as an engineer, strategist, and subject matter expert in satellite systems and space system markets.  He has also been a partner and VP at SpaceX, a CTO at Moon Express, and a board member and advisor for several space companies and organizations.  Jim's mission is to increase the scalability and cost-effectiveness of getting to space, and to remove entry barriers for space applications.  He is also the author of "Breaking All The Rules", a book about the origins and trends of the new space race.

Atheras Analytics

John  Yates... Managing  Director

Synopsis:  The satellite telecommunications sector has entered a phase of major change in the delivery of consumer and enterprise broadband using High Throughput Satellites (HTS) and Very High Throughput Satellites (VHTS) which can deliver data rates of the order of 500 Gbps – 1 Tbps per satellite.  In order to support these higher date rates it is necessary to employ higher frequency bands such as Ka-band but these higher frequency bands are much more susceptible to atmospheric attenuation than those previously used such as C-band or Ku-band.  Given that a single Ka-band gateway is capable of supporting 5 – 15 Gbps of data, and single HTS satellite can deliver up to 1,000 Gbps of data, it is not difficult to see that each of these new HTS satellites will require ground networks of between 50 – 200 gateways or more.  Atheras Analytics has developed a portfolio of AI-based, SaaS-delivered tools to enable and optimise the design and operation of these ground networks comprising dozens or even hundreds of gateways.

Bio:  John Yates has 35 years of experience in the commercial space sector. After having held key satellite project management positions at SES-Astra and Inmarsat he has provided independent expert advice on space policy and strategy and technical and business aspects of commercial satellite programmes, to satellite businesses and organisations world-wide.  He is currently co-Founder and Managing Director of Atheras Analytics. He is also co-Founder and past-Chairman of Helix Technologies Ltd and a Non-Executive Director and founder-investor at Oxford Space Systems.


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